I will never allow stardom to ruin my marriage – Celestine Donkor


Gospel musician, Celestine Donkor has made it clear that she would never allow stardom to ruin her marriage.

She made this statement on the Delay show after it was brought to notice that most celebrity marriages do not end well.

According to Celestine Donkor, celebrities make stardom overpower them making them feel superior in their marriages. They tend to disrespect their partners and show less interest since they had access to better opportunities, people, places etc.

However, the gospel musician has made it clear that she is not going to risk her fifteen years of marriage because of stardom.

Celestine says she is willing to make her marriage work no matter what.

“I don’t see divorce in my future, for me, I am not willing to let that happen, I will do whatever it takes, I will do my best to make my marriage work…marriage is no joke, it is a game for matured people. Marriage has no formula because what may have caused the divorce of one marriage may be the same thing that strengthens another’s. I always say if divorce is possible then working it out is also possible…” She told Delay.

Kerzia Anani
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