I Went To See Dr. Obengfo To Reduce The Size Of My Big Br@asts – Pamela Odame

Ghanaian-based model, Pamela Odame-Watara has indicated that she had wanted to have her huge b.re@st size reduced.

According to the half Kenyan, it came to a point in time she just wanted to reduce her big br@asts in order to save her from of severe back pains.

Pamela said, she went to Dr. Obenfo ‘s hospital for the surgery to have her brea$ts reduced but coudn’t because the price was too expensive.

At Dr. Obenfo ‘s hospital, the model said, she was asked pay Ghs 30,000 for the surgery but she couldn’t afford such a whooping amount.

Throwing more light, Pamela in an an interview with Akwesi Aboagye on the weekend entertainment show Entertainment Review on Peace Fm said she Dr. Obenfo’s charge was abnormal thus she let go of the surgery.

“He told me he could take some fat from my boobs and put it in my waist to reduce my breast size. I thought it was a good idea but after he disclosed he would charge Ghs 30,000, I decided not to do it.


I was having heavy back pains at the time and I thought I had to do something about it. Later, a gym instructor assured me he could help me.

He said it was because I had a small backside.”

The young fast-rising disclosed that her bre*sts started growing big at a very tender age of 13 but she realized one of them is getting more bigger.


“My mum took me to the hospital at 13 years when one of my boobs was growing bigger than the other. The doctor examined it and assured us it was normal. At age 14 the other was growing bigger too and it never stopped.”

‘Mama big b.rea@ts’ she is mostly called said she has decided to use her big apples to her advantage since there is absolute nothing to do about it.

She revealed that people pay her just to do a snap video for them with their songs. “I get paid for dancing in music videos and snap videos. People think I do it to expose myself but I am just doing my job”.

She charges between Ghs 500 to Ghs 700 per video depending on the individuals involved.


Source: www.Ghface.com


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