I didn’t marry a ‘sugar mummy’ for money – Keche Andrew

Member of the duo Keche group, Andrew Cudjoe, popularly known as Keche Andrew has cleared the rumors that he married his wife for money.

According to the musician in an interview on Kastle entertainment show monitored by GHFace.com, his marriage to the CEO of his record label, Joana Gyan was out of sincere love and nothing else.

Many people after the musician’s marriage have wondered why he would marry a woman older and richer than him if it was not for selfish gains.

Some fans have tend to label him an opportunist for getting married to Joana Gyan. However, the musician has come out to say he doesn’t care about all the allegations leveled against him since he knows his intentions towards his wife are good intentions ad not what others think.

“I’m not disturbed by those who say that I’m an opportunist for marrying the CEO of the record label that signed us. Everyone has different ways in which they came onto this earth,” he said.

Keche Andrew said to Amansan Krakye who happens to be the host that those making those statement clearly had nothing better to do with their lives so their statements definitely means nothing to him.

“Maybe such people are even broke and after making such statements they would be going to look for money to go buy some gari to eat. Maybe that person is now looking for money to go buy food but I might have eaten some good food and relaxing safely in my apartment. I’m living my life so, in fact, it doesn’t even hit me at all.” he said.


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