How Medikal Sees Strong Man

The rapper Medikal made it clear that he wasn’t interested in dissing an underground artist. This, according to his post, implied that even if he’d diss anyone, that person better be a top artist.

Is Strong Man an underground artist?

That’s the question we need to ask if Medikal decides not to diss him on a song. Per his post, if he keeps his mouth shut, it’s because Strong Man is an underground artist. Will Medikal reply Strong Man? That question was answered by Medikal himself. He shared the time and cover art to a new song he titled The Last Burial. That settles it! To Medikal, Strong Man is not an underground artist. If he replied to him, then he doesn’t see him as an underground artist. Because he said in his post that he wouldn’t reply to an underground artist!

Rex Krampa
the authorRex Krampa