How I was snubbed and embarrassed by MzbeL Team – Korsi Senyo writes

Ghface.comMzbel and Korsi Senyo

Folks, if you recall about 4days ago or so I posted here the message in left bellow ( screenshot) and I got a reply from Mzbel’s account (screenshot below in the right).

I quickly replied with joy and publicly accepted the invitation to meet my most admired musician and personality. With that same joy, I shared the screenshot with my colleague bloggers/journalist and my staff who all run a Story on how happy I was getting My All-Mighty Mzbel’s invitation.

My co-workers know how busy I am that even on Sundays I go to the office to work or meetings. Due to the invitation from my all mighty, I canceled two of my appointments and only attended one.

I took off to Bela’s Pub at Adjei Kojo. I got there at exactly 5 pm thinking I could have just 5 minutes with her. I greeted a gentleman who asked my mission and I mentioned my name boldly and happily while adding that I had an appointment to meet Mzbel. He told me “I will have allowed you to enter the room (I believe is the cold room of the pub) but because of your bag and I told him the small bag in my hand contains only my camera while I open it and removed the camera waiting to enter. The gentleman went in and came back with no message. I stood and watched. Another gentle in suit and bow ties came and asked of my name and went in again, came back and told me that Mzbel is asleep and if I could wait or go and come back. I told him I was coming from Adenta – far away so I will wait.

He went in again and I found myself a place to sit while I plugged my phone preparing to get more power ready for a selfie  with my All-Mighty Mzbel. Those of you who know my other job know-how observant I am – there were people in the could room, cars were also parked outside. 20 minutes later 3 young ladies came out and left.

At 5:45 pm the gentleman in the bow tie came back again and said “because of the time and looking at where You are coming from, it’s better you leave” adding that ”can I take your number so that I call you to talk to her if she is up”. I told him point-blank no. it is not necessary.
I unlocked my phone and showed him the screenshots below and he said- yea is true.

I never left my phone number. I looked so stupid and embarrassed. I left with my face down.

Come to BeLa’s Pub and meet me – Mzbel extends invite to Korsi Senyo

In 2005, I was a first-year student at KNUST, and when I heard Mzbel would be performing at the Royal Parade Ground, I was the first to arrive at the grounds, and I took to the front because of my height, I held the stage very firm so no one blocked my view. And I need she came and performed and I watched her with utmost smile……

I know and see Mzbel as a great personality who is very strong. She never gives up. Mzbel is an inspiration to me and on the right platform, I will tell the world why she inspired me from afar even before Shatta Wale.

In the past, I had had invitations to South Africa by former South African President, Thebo Mbeki; former Tanzania President, late Benjamin Mpaka where I discussed with other five African Head of State on peace and security in Africa. I had an invitation to Congo Brazzaville by President Denis Sassou Ngueso. I served on former President Obama’s YALI Programme as a Mentor for 2years and Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme as Mentor for 2years. But with all these I never announced them but I announced Mzbel’s invitation via a Facebook group. This should tell you how much is she inspires me and how I was extremely happy when I saw the invite.

I have learned a lot of lessons from today’s embarrassment as I can’t explain to those who shared in my joy how I was snubbed. I was lucky I went there alone and not with my crew.

As a busy man myself, I will understand that this might not be Mzbel’s mistake but the manager of her Facebook Account. If my PA committees this kind of mistake, is only God who will touch my heart not to fire him/her. Remember the Cardi B and Ghanaians Celebs saga.

Fellow Mzbelivers, today you are a fan of a celeb but tomorrow you can be a celeb too.

Fortunately for me, Mzbel and I have so many things in common- she is an entrepreneur, a media person, she is into the hospitality, entertainment industry and above all politics….. so I am. Since am footsteps, who knows I might become a musician too.

Surely, I know we will meet one day if not only as a celeb and her fan; maybe as business partners.

Efo Korsi Senyo
The embarrassed Mzbeliver
January 31, 2021