His New Tactic Is Religion: A Close Look At Frequency’s Hit Fm Freestyle

I think you should watch the freestyle video before getting into how I looked at it. It would help you at lest. Watch the freestyle here:


1. Frequency as an armed robber

He raps, “see abi armed robber, wey a bog your house. I kill your mama, kill your papa, kill your uncle then in wife.” From these lines, you could clearly see that the rapper portrays himself as an armed robber doing evil things. He then raps about what happened after that: “I kill like say thousand people, then e lef only 5… me wey adey own your life. I steal your oil, diamond. You work give me ano pay you dime… you suffer suffer you feel like losing your life. But you look sharp you escape.”

2. Frequency changes tactics

When those five people escaped, Frequency talked about changing tactics. He raps, “I lef your country go my own; adey go plan come again. This time around a make my plans tight. Ago enslave you mentally, this time no fight. I disguise myself as a friend, no love; I just dey pretend. I gave you religion, a tool which will kill you all till the end.” His new tactic is religion. He calls it a tool which would kill till the end. I wonder how he’s going to achieve that. Luckily enough, he did tell us how. He continued to rap: “Gave you my God… stole your family, stole your mineral and he will give you a reward if you do good, if you don’t kill, if you don’t steal, if your friend slaps you turn the other side too and you will go to heaven through him and a good book.” I want you to notice the kind of religion he’s offering these people in exchange for their minerals and so on— it’s a religion based on one condition or the other; one good deed after the other— If you do this, then I’ll give you that. That’s the kind of religion he calls mental slavery. I can assure you that Christianity is no such religion.

3. Frequency on marriage

Before he ended the freestyle, he raps, “A Muslim can’t marry a Christian unless he’s a Muslim too… what if you love each other too… think about this.” Since he’s asked us to think about it, I feel it’s important to bring it up. This is not a matter of whether a Muslim can or can’t marry a Christian. Rather, it’s about what the Muslim believes about marriage. The Muslim can’t marry the Christian because they both do not hold the same view on marriage. One believes this and the other believes that. Love is not an excuse for marrying someone whose views on a life-long relationship differ from yours.

4. Frequency on Africans

Frequency opens his 1:55 freestyle with these words: “Africans don’t need religion, we are far greater than that.” I think what Africans don’t need is the kind of religion he’s offering in his freestyle.

Rex Krampa
the authorRex Krampa