Hajia4real turns into a ‘maame water” for her new single ‘ Fine girl’

Ghanaian socialite now turned musician, Mona Faiz Montrage, popularly known as Hajia4real has unbelievably turned into a ‘maame water’ for her new single.

The ‘ Badder than’ hitmaker has gone the extra mile to become the new mermaid taking the title from our very own sister Derby.

Hajia4real’s fine girl talks about the beautiful girls in Ghana making herself exemplary in the matter.

According to fiction, mermaids or ‘maame water’ are known to be the most beautiful creatures on planet earth and therefore portrays similarity to beauty.

It is not surprising that the artiste has gone the extra mile to convey her message to her fans by dressing and portraying as a mermaid.

Watch full video below;

Kerzia Anani
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