Government must be honest and stop the introduction of comprehensive sexuality education – Parents against CSE (PAC)

It’s with much anger and disappointment as well as fear for our children that we come out as parents to ask the government to be honest in its dealings in the educational sector and stop the introduction of the comprehensive sexuality education in schools right from the KG level.

We as parents are very much aware of how the LGBT community seeks to subtly push their activities down our throats by making it sink deep into the minds of our children via this comprehensive sexuality education subject and we are bent on resisting it with our all as some part of our national anthem task us to.

The government is doing everything to use institutions such as the GES and the ministry of education to deny the fact that the comprehensive sexuality education is being introduced in our schools but here as some few pointers that expose them.

To start with, Ghana has agreed terms with UNFPA and the minister of education confirmed this in February 2019 when he assured that comprehensive sexuality education will be included in our new curriculum.

To validate the above point, page 11 of the NaCCA teachers’ resource pack captures comprehensive sexuality education as one of the contemporary issues addressed by the NPCF. The very education minister who confirmed that CSE will be part of our new curriculum is out there denying it despite it being found in the NaCCA teachers’ resource pack.

We as parents also want to ask government what happens to the $22 million received from the Swedish government since the “promise to overcome social resistance and operational constraints” was one of the key deliverables in accessing that money. Is government going to return the money? We also want to know what happens to the contract signed with the “special CSE project implementation officer” operating from the UNESCO Ghana office. Is government going to cancel the said contract?

Parents against CSE (PAC) urge parents to join us safeguard the future of our kids. There is this great deception out there which is not different from how the serpent deceived Adam and Eve to taste the fruit of life and get their eyes opened in the Bible. There is this argument that our children need to be taken through sex education to save them from future mishaps and help them take bold decisions about the sexualization in future. The truth is that, the comprehensive sexuality education goes beyond sex education. This is a system put in place to teach our children sexual measurement, discrimination and stimulation at a very young age so they grow with it. This is their way of deceiving our children to “eat the fruit of life with the promise of having their eyes opened after that” and we parents must stand up to protect the future of our children and Ghana at large.

On this count, we call on government to show interest in teaching our children subjects that will help eliminate poverty, hunger and corruption comprehensively instead of this LGBT induced comprehensive sexuality education. Government should strive to give our children quality education instead of this comprehensive sexuality education.

Parents… Arise and fight for your children!!!

Parents… Arise and save Ghana!!!


Nana Afia Amankwah

Communication officer