God’s Anger Is Against False Prophets; Many Will D!e This Year – Kumawood Actor

Popular Kumawood actor, Bishop Bernard Nyarko has cautioned doomsay pastors and prophets against death prophecies and focus on the true Gospel and the second coming of Christ.

According to the actor who is now a minister of the Gospel, many fake pastors will d!e, before this year ends as the anger of God, is against them.

He explained that these “fake prophets’” main objective is to cause fear and panic for their personal interest.

In a recorded video, Bishop Bernard Nyarko questioned why the doom prophets make such frightening “visions” public instead of inviting persons involved and disclose what they see in private.


“Why don’t you approach individuals you see prophecies about than publicize it on social media? Just so it materializes so you claim fame in the sight of man? They are simply injecting and infusing fear into people’s lives,” he fumes.

“This person will die this date, this person will be involved in an accident and so forth, because they are celebrities and have huge followers which may eventually let people know you,” he jabs.

He cautions his fellow celebrities to seek the protection of Jesus Christ against any bad prophecies against them.

The actor also disclosed that many fake pastors will die before this year ends as the anger of “God is coming”.