Ghana: 10 Top Notable Towns In The Ashanti Region


The Ashanti Region is the third-largest region in Ghana which is located in the South on the compass. Statistically, it covers a total land surface of 24,389 km² or 10.2 percent of the total land area of Ghana.

The region is undoubtedly endowed with all the natural resources you can think of including, Gold, Diamond, Magnesium, and others.

This same region produces the largest cocoa and timber for Ghana’s exports accounting for the country’s foreign exchange.

The Ashanti Region has seen the emergency of prominent persons including Yaa Asantewaa and others who fought against the colonial master regardless.

Their King, Ashantehene is sometimes considered to be bigger than even the President Ghana because Ashantis do not joke with their Kings.

Again, the region is blessed with many towns and cities. Let’s take a look at just notable towns in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

1. Kumasi

Kumasi is the Capital city of the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It is the busiest and business town in the region. It has a population of over five million people. The National Cultural Centre offers craft workshops and dance performances. It includes the Prempeh II Jubilee Museum, which displays jewelry and ceremonial clothing belonging to the 20th-century Ashanti king.


2. Kumawu

Kumawu is just a small but beautiful town in the Ashanti Region and it is the capital of Sekyere Kumawu, a district in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It boasts of Tweneboa Kodua Senior High School and the Kumawu Waterfalls.

3. Obuasi

Obuasi is the hub of Gold and other natural minerals and it is referred to as a Mining Community and town in the southern part of Obuasi Municipal of the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

4. Bantama

Bantama is both a residential and commercial area in the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. It is a popular town in the Ashanti region because of trading activities. You will hear people say I am going to Bantama.

5. Suame

Suame is located in the Kumasi Metropolitan district of the Ashanti Region of Ghana. This seat was created prior to the Ghanaian parliamentary election in 2004.

6. Ejisu

Ejisu is a small city in Ghana and is the capital of the Ejisu Municipal Assembly, a municipality of the Ashanti Region, Ghana.

7. New Edubiase

New Edubiase is a small town and is the capital of Adansi South, a district in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. it was formerly called the Adansi East district in the Ashanti Region.


8. Effiduase

Effiduase is a town and is the capital of Sekyere East, a district in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The Effiduase is known for the Effiduase Secondary Commercial School now Effiduase Senior High School and Effiduasi Senior High Technical School.

9. Offinso

Offinso, the once capital of Offinso District is a town in the Offinso Municipality in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

10. Bonwire (Kente Town)

Bonwire is a town in Ghana, where the most popular cloth in Africa, popularly known as “Kente”, originated. The Kente is worn by the king of the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana.

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