Faith The Model Teaches The Legal Rights Of Mistresses And Side Chicks

After Faith searched through the internet for an organisation to help her with a legal issue that she had, she came across an article written by Legal Empire. Finding the article easy to understand, she felt the need to help others in her situation.

On the YouTube channel of The Legal Empire, Faith enlightens the viewers with general information on the law in a programme titled “You and the Law with Faith”.

Each week, Faith intends to make an episode providing viewers with information on the law.

In her first episode, she invites viewers to find out the rights of side chicks and mistresses in Ghana through the story of TT.

T.T is a married man who has been having an extra marital affair with two women for years. T.T’s mistresses do not know each other and T.T likes it this way. Throughout the years T.T has done his best to keep his extra marital affairs a secret from his wife, until his mistresses’ and his wife meet each other unexpectedly.

What are the rights of T.T’s mistresses’/side chicks?

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