E.L responds to critics who say his music career is under spiritual attack


Azonto revolutionist, Elorm Adabla known in showbiz as E.L has quashed suggestions that spiritual attacks on him by his friends are to blame for his ailing music career.

A Prophet revealed to E.L during a prophetic church service that his setbacks in the music scene after he won the VGMA Artiste of Year in 2016 are due to spiritual attacks by his close friends.

Consequently, E.L was asked by Amansan Krakye in an exclusive interview on GBC Radio Central if he truly believes in what ‘the man of God’ revealed.

He narrated “My mum’s prayer is the most powerful thing that I know. People always have reasons to justify your absence.

“I took a step back from music because I wanted to travel in order to see more things. Honestly I was bored, it got to a point I didn’t feel anything different after winning all those big awards.

“People think that the things that they don’t have if they should have it they will feel any different. But it’s not like that, sometimes you think that when you get one million dollars you will feel different.

“Though you will feel happy but it will not make you feel any different later on. I came to realize that so I thought of taking a step back for some two or three years because seriously I became depressed.

“Music had a bad taste in my mouth so that was the time people started saying I have slowed down in the game but it was deeper than that.

“But it’s not as if somebody is pulling me down spiritually because where I come from in the Volta Region nobody can do me”


Source: Amansan Krakye