Don’t eat if your Pastor hasn’t eaten – Counselor Lutterodt charges


In a news item on, controversial Ghanaian pastor, Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt popularly known as Counselor Lutterodt has admonished Christians to ensure that they provide for their pastors in these times of global pandemic.

According to the pastor, it is biblical for Christians to provide for men of God instead of insulting them and questioning what pastors use church offerings and tithes for.

“It is not by force but I am reminding you of what your duty is, have you given anything to the man of God who intercedes on your behalf?” he shared in a Good Friday message posted on his YouTube channel.

While admonishing individuals criticizing pastors and churches for not providing food and other relief items for their members during the Coronavirus period, George Luterrodt said the duty of men of God is not to feed Christians with bread and butter but with the word of God.

“Are you taking care of the servant of God? You are only insulting, we’ll see true pastors, we are competing, how many people has he fed? The duty of a man of God is not to feed you with bread and water and wine.” He added.

He acknowledged some pastors who have gone out of their way to donate relief items to the needy and their church members but called on Christians to ensure that they provide food, water and relief items for their spiritual leaders during this pandemic as well as within the Easter period.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many Ghanaians have criticised pastors and churches in the country for not doing enough to alleviate the plight of the needy and vulnerable who have been worse affected.

According to these critics, the pastors who take offerings and tithes should do more by donating food and relief items to their church and the needy.