Dancing is not a ‘senseless’ career

Professional dancer, Lloyd Anoo Konadu popularly known as Dancegod Lloyd has come out wholeheartedly to tell parents that dancing is not a senseless career.

In an interview on a Cape Coast based Kastle with Amansan Krakye monitored by GHFace.com, the young dancer revealed that most parents refuse to let their kids follow their passion especially that of dancing because they deem it as a senseless career that would put nothing on their table.

He went on to tell parents that they should not force their kids to tread on a career they do not like since it might cause depression in the children.

“I’m pleading with the parents and they should stay with their children. Most of the kids become depressed when they are prevented from exhibiting their talents. I have had several calls from youngsters who want to dance but their parents are resisting them from doing so,” he said.

Dancegod Lloyd moreover, revealed he was earning good money in his dancing career and urges parens to remove the notion that dancing is senseless and give their kids the chance to exhibit their talent.


Kerzia Anani
the authorKerzia Anani
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