COVID-19: Our Sugar Daddies Have Abandoned Us – Ghana Girls


Some Ghanaian female students in some Universities in Ghana say their sugar daddies have abandoned them for fear of Corona virus.

The down-hearten students who are currently on break from school because President Akufo-Addo has order the closure of schools to stop the spread of the deadly corona virus say they are suffering.

They riposted to FNN24.com under anonymity that the President’s ban on schools has really affected them source of livelihood as they depend on monies from their sugar daddies.

The lamented that since the outbreak of this corona virus, their sugar daddies have stopped patronizing them.

This, according to them have affected their finances adversely.

They retorted;

“…since the outbreak of this corona virus and the President ban of schools, out sponsors have abandoned us. We’re have run out of cash as we solely depend on our sweet sugar daddies for monies.”

They are appealing to the government to deal with this corona virus as soon as possible so that everything can return to normal.


Source: www.Fnn24.com