Composition of next parliament will aid in Ghana’s development – Franklin Cudjoe

Founding president and chief executive officer of IMANI Africa stated that the composition of the next parliament will really aid in the development of Ghana as a nation.

According to the Electoral Commission (EC), the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) won 137 legislative seats, while the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) had 136, with one independent and one seat yet to be decided at Sene West Constituency in the Bono East Region.

Franklin Cudjoe sees the next parliament to be one which will really ponder on bills before passing them to the people since the majority of the parliamentary seat is more likely to go the the opposition party.

“This Parliament and the way it is constructed from the elections, actually, it is God sent, and I think we are beginning to see the real governance, where government (the executive) will no longer have its way in Parliament.

“Where you will not see bills that are frightening being given the nod at the frightening speed of lightening”, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe stated.

Kerzia Anani
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