CEO Of Caveman Watches Dissociates Himself From Rape Accusations

CEO of Caveman Watches Anthony Dzamefe has denied rape allegations that levelled against him few days ago.

Last week on Facebook, a lady with the name Mary Brittle accused Anthony Dzamefe of rape and released screenshot of chat between them to buttress her point.

Anthony Dzamefe has therefore denied these allegations and described it as a plot to tarnish his image.

“I have noticed and observed calmly with disappointment the posts of Emma Agbeko who goes by the pseudonym Mary Brittle on Facebook.
This unfortunate story has been widely spread on all social media platforms, subjecting my person to ridicule and derogatory commentary without recourse to the full facts of the matter.
Not only do I totally dissociate myself from these malicious allegations but I believe it is wrong to use a sensitive issue such as “rape” to attempt tarnishing my hard earned reputation, especially in a society such as ours.
I will not engage or pursue this matter on social media.
I also dissociate myself from currently circulating social media posts. I haven’t had any interaction with anyone. Any screen shot of any conversation on social media suggesting I had any interaction with anyone explaining the issue are all fabrications. I have been silent on this matter as advised till now.
My lawyers are under firm instructions to pursue this matter in the appropriate forum to its logical conclusion”, he posted.

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