BREAKING: Man Caught Red-Handed Attempting To Rap£ A 15-Year-Old Girl

A Facebook user, Kathlyn Eyitemi has posted a video of a man allegedly confessing to an attempted r3pe crime.

In Kathlyn Eyitemi’s account, the video was forwarded to her by a friend who witnessed the sad incident.

According to Eyitemi’s post, the friend had slept in the hotel where the man was caught in Egbeda. The girl had called the attention of guests and management at the hotel when she was heard screaming.


It was gathered that the girl had fled her sister’s abusive home when the culprit who looked harmless offered to help her.

The teenager was reportedly heard shouting around 7:00 am which drew the attention of people who immediately began banging the door of the room to find out what was happening.

Eventually, the man was forced to come out and when asked what was going on, he confessed that he made an attempt on the innocent girl.


In the video, the man confessed that the 15-year-old was forced to flee her sister’s home due to abuse. She had tried to go and meet her mum in Sango, and the man offered to help her.

The culprit disclosed that he asked her to come to the hotel and when he tried to sleep with her she refused.

The man revealed that he tried to force his way, but she defended herself by threatening to break a bottle on him.

Watch the Video here.