BOMBSHELL: “God will expose your ju ju” – Pope skinny warns Shatta Wale

Dancehall champion, Shatta Wale has sacked Pope Skinny, Bone and Blade out of his Shatta Movement camp with the reason the three paddies are ‘Sellouts’.

“After this video, I accepted you guys and now you came back with a mind to really fuck up my shatta movement. No wonder they never wanted people to come close to me, I mean people who got love…People forget soo soon… my people beware of people you forgive when people say do ..Listen to yourself and don’t trust and make nobody make your decision for you .. God forgives us so I tried to forgive but little did they know I also had a back up plan .. Beware of stone, Bone, blade, good over evil and pope skinny .. They will never be part of my Journey anymore .. Anything they come out to say is Fabricated .. God guides me and my militants.” – Shatta Wrote.


Moments later, Popskinny was quoted in a video saying Shatta Wale is using juju.

“Every year you dey fight with somebody .. your time has come… God bless you … We know.. That why we all..we dey follow you… But you see… the juju wey you add am… God go exposed you because the God wey you dey mention em no be God “… Said Popskinny.

Watch the video below;

Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny with their latest beef on and off Social media have attested to the fact that, the old adage that states; ‘Your best friend could be your worst enemy‘ is indeed true.