After 28 Abortions, Nigerian Lady Sworn To Inflict Madness On Lover


A Nigerian lady has vowed to inflict madness on her lover for refusing to marry her after having 28 series of abortions for him.

According to this lady, her man identified as Kunle as refused to marry her after discovering that he’s 4 years younger than her.

The now ‘bitter’ lady claimed she turned down several potential suitors who could have married her because of him.

On an occasion she attempted walking out of the relationship, she revealed Kunle bought a ring worth N500 and got her engaged which she has been wearing for 3 years now.


The lady disclosed that Kunle always dismissed marriage talks with excuses that he doesn’t have the financial capacity to take care of her and the kids which eventually led to the 28 abortions.

She noted that when Kunle finally agreed to settle down, she said they both fixed a date for her introduction, which he failed to show up with his people on the said day after they had already made necessary preparations and invited people to grace the occasion.

The lady is now hellbent on seeking vengeance and has sworn to make sure that her once lover runs mad completely.