African Digital Heritage Hub (ADiHHUB) Launches E-Magazine On Ahanta Traditional Area

African Digital Heritage Hub (ADiHHUB) is a project targeted at promoting and preserving the African Heritage.

We are currently building a data of video documentaries, photo albums, and written documents on various ethnic groups in Ghana. In this issue, ADiHHUB MAGAZINE is taking readers to Akatakyi Ahanta, a division of Ahanta Traditional Area.

The Ahanta traditional area has about twenty-three divisional areas. Meanwhile, we will take readers through Akatakyi Ahanta which has been an important part of the history of Ahanta and Ghana as a whole.


Could you believe that Malaysia; one of the largest palm producing countries in the world today, picked their first palm seedlings from Akatakyi land located in the Western Region of Ghana.

As indicated above, this issue is targeted at the history, traditions, culture, tourism, business, and investment opportunities of the heroic and history of Akatakyi Ahanta.

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