66 year old man found dead in a guest house

A 66 year old man identified as William Agyei was found dead in a hotel room under mysterious circumstances.

According to reports, the man booked a room with an unknown lady alleged to be his girlfriend at a guest house in Effiduase precisely in the Eastern region.

The receptionist explained she had gone to the deceased room to tidy it up. Statements from her revealed she knocked for a while but heard no response and decided to enter the room only to find the 66 year old man dead.

However, the lady was nowhere to be found.

The police came to the scene after information was passed on to them and investigations conducted revealed one viagra for men container with one capsule, deep heat spray, unirob polar ice, bendroflumethiazide tablets and several other used tablets suspected to be medicines of the deceased.

A red bag containing the personal clothes of the deceased including some regalia and a black handbag containing cash the sum of GH¢2000,00 were also found.

External inspection of the body revealed no injury except foaming on the mouth.

The body has been sent to St Joseph’s Hospital Morgue for preservation awaiting autopsy.

Further investigations will be made by the police to contact deceased family and the lady who is nowhere to be found.



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