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12 Best Punchlines Quotes by Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie –

12 Best Punchlines Quotes by Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie -

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, born Michael Owusu Addo has propounded twelve (12) best punchlines quotes and seeks to furnish music lovers with these quotes.

Sarkodie has been Ghana and Africa’s best rapper who has won seventy-seven (77) awards out of hundred and forty (140) award nominations.

He has dominated the Ghanaian music industry since his entry and became a strong force to reckon with.

Besides being arguably the most successful Africa rapper, Sarkodie is famously known for his hard and heavy punchlines when pushed to the wall. famously known for his

However, these rap punchlines eventually turn to become witty, funny, jabbing and sometimes unconventional sarcastic quotes on the lips of many.

Based on the above analysis, readers favourite news portal, has highlighted 12 of the best punchlines quotes from Sarkodie’s freestyle song titled ‘Advice’ released on October 10, 2018, a song said to be a diss to self-acclaimed ‘Dancehall King of Ghana’ Shatta Wale.

And now, brings to you the 12 best punchlines quotes by Sarkodie below;

1. “Me on this beat//e go cost you some damages//last year I went through some challenges//industry, a whole lot of hates//can’t we just love one another with happiness?”

2. “Se me wu a Titi nkoa bedi publishing.”

3. “Industry, future no looki promising//when a colleague enjoys en name tarnishing//when your hype vanishes//who gives a f**k ‘bout your chicken property? If being poor be like me//then Father I beg you//just bless me with poverty.”

4. “I don’t wanna snitch on my n*gga//but f**k off all the bragging and chill//cos honestly, your whole bank account no fit buy you a tear rubber Vogue//but you are claiming supremacy//f**k outta here//you be fool but I’m trying to leave a blue print.”

5. “Gyae alumni no hy3 no k)ky3 cute blings//Paul a w’amma nt3m//ne fame no foforo no//akodaa w’ani y3 atra w’ani nt)n yey3 wo papa a wo wer3 afi s3 wo b3 too no//Wanhu hwee koraa ns3m pii na 3totoo no.”

6. “Brand no bi strong enough//if ebi strong keep quiet//you go soon comot//I stay mute one-year sef full support//you show dick//one day you go show buttocks//the last thing wey I won’t be attention.”

7. “Megye me ho di nti mo ntumi mma me tension//bra ma me nkyer3 wo branding ansa na m’ak) pension//me ma mo hypertension//only reason I dey do this bi sake of I’m on a mission to put Ghana forward//had to put career on hold//so say these new artistes can cash out some few dollars//so if I see some distraction//I for address am//cos n*gga dey misuse his powers.”

8. “Confidence is when you are able to complement people without you feeling insecure//so if you feel say you get it//no need to downplay the next man//wo suro no, na firi h).”

9. “You came from the ghetto//you made it, I’m proud of it//I gave you a long rope so just enjoy//I was waiting for you to snap out of it.”

10. “This no bi beef just stay and listen//me and you cool//no crazy friction//but my frustration be say I dey try move Ghana forward but I’m still babysitting.”

11. “New money, new car, new house so you can’t think far//but time is running now//so we for raise bar//cos after some time na wo fame k) a//nobody go get time for your bullsh*t//so you for see the way you dey approach it//me mp3 w’as3m a anka me m3mma wo notice//3y3 w’agyimi kakra stay focus.”

12. “Attention seeking is not bad//but too much of it is a chronic disease//s3 anka social media trend na 3ma nipa y3 relevant a anka obia 3n-feature Mugeez.”