The award winning eastern region media personality wasn’t hesitant to add his voice to the current most pressing issue in Ghana, an issue of Parliament requesting for a new 450 seater chamber assumed to be estimated around a figure of 200million USD.

In an interview with the pimpim police better known in the media space as the industry police, Bishop Agbey Jnr said “There’s no need to build such expensive and wasteful building, there are more important things $200million can do to help ordinary Ghanaians.
Ghana is suffering from bad road networks, some children are still schooling under tress, sitting, writing & learning on bare floors at the mercies of this bad weather.
Since time in memorial, we have not been able to expend our drainage system and when it rains, we fear for our lives.
There are no job opportunities for the youth, some trained nurses & teachers are yet to receive their salaries after a year or more of being employed whiles some people in government think building a new parliament house that would cost our poor country a whopping sum of $200million?
Those in support and currently in government amaze me, do they think building a new parliament house will solve even a quarter of our numerous problems?
In my humble opinion, I suggest parliamentarians should run a shift system like exactly the government and the Ghana Education Service are running our senior secondary school system.
We need to serve God and mother Ghana not to drain the country through misplaced priorities, there are bigger and better things $200m can do for our nation.
This country have suffered too much and deserves better.”

He also added that
“The government then in opposition said in their various campaign platforms that when they are voted into power, they were going to build 10 new modern theatres across the length and breadth of the country, how many have they build so far? and now talking about a new parliament house.

This brouhaha is really causing a public outrage and would be very suicidal for government to push through with this proposed plan.we

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